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I'm currently running a trial version of AS and really love it so far. I've generated a system and exported a HTML report which has a lot of data clearly defined. I'm comfortable with SQLite but rather than writing a SQL script that joins with the data I need (I can see the tables, but it will take me a while to figure it all out!), is there a way (script maybe?) to export the contents of the HTML report into a CSV/Excel file or separate SQLlite DB?

Also, I'd like to generate and export all the fractal maps for all the planets/moons, etc, without having to click on each individual one. Is there a way to do this (again, maybe a script)? I've seen the video on YouTube titled "Creating Planet Map" which I like the look of in terms of giving land mass an outline - can this be automated?

I'd also like to export the maps from Fractal Mapper as movie files, or animated gifs, but again automatically as there are so many of them, is it possible to automate this?

Apologies for the fractal questions on the AS thread but it's all related and I thought splitting the questions might lose the context!

Any ideas/help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  • There is a scripting API that can use with VBScript to do all manner of things:


    You can see some samples here:

    (most of these are older and may need to be adjusted to run in v3, but it should give you an idea of what the scripting api can do)

    But, thats probably a lot more complicated than using the SQLite database directly, especially if you are already familiar with SQLite.

    To export every planet's map - which would get massive in terms of disk space on a large sector - you could write a script that generates them all. They are stored as both Fractal World Explorer files and .png files in the surface_maps table of AstroDB database.

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