Adding Orange Dwarf Stars

On the trial version I did not find orange dwarf stars. They make up about 1/12 of main sequence stars and have virtually no solar flares. So it seems they would be very habitable. How easy is it to add these types of stars to the mix?
Additionally, if I started with the real world 1000 parsec data, is it possible to add red and yellow dwarf stars to the further star data since we cannot detect those stars out that far?


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    Astro will generate them - they are stars with spectral type K. If you'd like a different designation for them, you can change the spectral code of the star to whatever you'd like it to be.

    To place a new system on the map (be it a star or other), use Actions -> New System from the menu (or the corresponding tool bar button).

    Its a good idea to add them when far out on real data, because as you point out, there's probably lots of stars out there we can't detect yet.

  • thanks for the info and tip

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