"import" a single system

Long story short is that I want to make a fairly big map (bigger than the 20ly or 100ly ones I have seen as defaults).

I want to have the Sol System somewhere in there. Is there a quick and dirty way to just say "This guy is gonna be our solar system"?

Sorry if this is covered somewhere else but I'm still on the shallow end of the learning curve.

I have some other questions which I am also still trying to figure out with v3 and hopefully will start to know while RTFD kicks in.... Chief among them is a simple distance calculator. Such as {select} Pirate Base A to {select} Alien Outpost Zeta are XX light years away from each other.


  • You can create a sector map with a single star system at (0,0,0). Then you would import that into the bigger sector map, setting the new position (File -> Import -> Merge and Update Sectors from the menu). If you want to use something like the local stars map that ships with Astro, you can delete all but the Sol system to make the single system sector map, and then import that one.

    For the calculations, you can use a route if you want something visual, or possibly the Travel calculator.

  • Btw, there's some very large data sets here:

    Also, when working on a big map, if you use subsectors, you can hide systems not assigned, making the map easier to work with.

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