Errors With the Fractal world explore

edited September 2017 in AstroSynthesis General

Hello I just got the upgrade for AstroSynthesis from version 2 to version 3, and all the new features are great. but am having problem with Fractal world explore 1.8b part when i come to edit a plants surface.

ok so first problem is when i click on the views, view in globe it all shows up fine, but if i try and rotate the view. All I get is a texture on the planet and background that says no texture all over the wire mesh.

so i tried it on another pc which has never had AstroSynthesis on it at all but this time all it say when i go to views and views as globe it says "Globe Viewer not found".

Please help. it’s a great program. ( on the first pc i have tried installing the updates for the Fractal world explore 1.8c) and also the globe viewer replacement but to no avail

Thank your for taking the time to read my post

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