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Hi there,

Been a DM/GM for too many years to mention. Ive used AD&D version 2.0 for most of that time mainly in the forgotten realms scenario.

I purchased SM and am just getting used to it trying things out at the moment.

My question is : How do you configure the "Announce by email" section.

Ive put everything into the required boxes but when I click OK it just says "email could not be sent"

Any ideas?

Many thanks


  • Most ISP's nowadays require you to log in to send email, which SM doesnt support. Or they now use an alternate port for outgoing email and SSL security, which SM also doesnt support. So its likely you cant use the email announcement.

    A recommended solution is to use a dynamic DNS service to get a fixed URL/domain name for your PC, so that your players can bookmark the page and always be able to access it even if your ip address changes. is one free service, but there's a lot of others as well.
  • Thanks for your help...excellent piece of software btw.......

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