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I just bought Scren Monkey and I am testing how it works. When I try to announce a game (by email), I have fields appearing asking for a Registration Code and Access Code. I don't remember receiving codes when buying the program? Where can I find those codes?


  • When you checked out at RPGNow/DriveThru, a registration code should have been displayed. Depending on your privacy settings, it also would have been emailed to you after checkout (check your spam folder...may be in there). With that, use the online registration system (, which will give you an access code. You can then use those to announce games, as well as post to NBOS Online.

    That being said... the email announce probably wont work for you, as most ISP's require you to log in & use an alternate port to be able to send email... something that SM doesnt support. A good alternative to that is to use a dynamic domain name (see the other post in the forum) so your players can have a persistent URL to go to, even if the ip address changes.
  • Thank you very much, the registration code was indeed available at RPGnow on my account.
    I am still trying to find my way around with SM (particulary because I am on Mac and using it through CrossOver), so, I'll read the forums to find my way around.
    I have been using another VTT (Gametable) in my face to face games (with a second screen) for a long time now and was quite happy with it.
    The reason I decided to have a try at SM was to play a few sessions through internet and I didn't wanted the players to have and install a program. It seems that with SM, all the installation and parameters stuff is with me and I prefer it that way.

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