Text Edit Fields

Sometimes one of these fields will become unselectable in the designer.

I can select it with the Area Select Tool, but not with the Pointer tool.

I know some of these fields can be very very picky to get with the Pointer tool, but sometimes they just seem impossible. My only option seems to be to delete and re-create the field.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

If so, is there a solution?



  • I've experienced this, too. It means the field you are trying to select is not large enough to "grab".

    Solution: Select the field using the area selection tool and then grab the little box corner and drag it away from the rest of the field, thereby increasing the field's size. This should make it selectable with just the pointer. You can then size to fit.

    Hope that made sense.
  • I believe the new patch that Ed has announced for next week will deal with this problem. Basically, ronpyatt describes the way one has to deal with it now. But let's hope that this is corrected next week.
  • Yep, the upcoming build has default sizes for fields, so if you happen to just click the page and not drag out a size for the field, it will still be visible and selectable.

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