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I've been working in the Sheet Designer for the past few days. I've run in to some odd behavior concerning the copy and past using the keyboard shortcuts. (i.e., Ctrl-X actually exits the Designer instead of "Cutting" to the clipboard), but with a little self discipline I've been able to work around this. I'm in the process of creating a fairly elaborate character sheet for the Wild Talents II system.
I've attached this sheet to share the programming I've done so far. If anyone's interested in picking through it or has some advise on easier methods I'm all ears.

Any updates to the user interface coming soon? Did I hear mention of a character sheet viewer for Android?


  • Thats an excellent example of extending a sheet w/ javascript
    ronpyatt wrote:
    Any updates to the user interface coming soon?

    Over the next week or so there should be a new installer for both the designer and viewer.
    Did I hear mention of a character sheet viewer for Android?

    I dont know what you heard, but there are no immediate plans for that. Over the long term, its possible.
  • There hasn't been a lot of response here so far, but I thought I'd ask you to hold on. I'm quite interested in seeing what what you've done, as are the other members of the project group. All of us have downloaded your CSD file, but we've been occupied with getting Dungeons Daring (TM) 2E out and haven't had time to take a good look at yur sample yet. However, we will ... soon. Then you'll probably hear from us.
  • Thanks for the response.

    I've taken one version of the character sheet in a new direction. The last couple days I've experimented with sorting of records in Javascript.
    My reasoning for this new direction goes a little like this. In the Wild Talents game each of a character's skills are categorized by an associated Stat (Body, Coordination, Mind, etc...), but not every character in a game will have the same set of skills. I thought I'd try to make the sheet a little more dynamic and make use of the available space on a printed character sheet.

    Moving away from a static set to storing the records in what amounts to a database has been something of a challenge, but by having the ability to store the various skills in these records, it should be possible to expand this even further. I added an "Add" button to the "Data Entry" record box. These records can later be sorted (grouped by Stat) with the click of the "Sort" button.

    The resulting records are really just compilations of the data entry fields. Although the records can't be "undone" or restored to the original, they can be edited and deleted.

    These sheets are a work in progress. I've attached the latest to show how I did it.
  • Sorry it took so long. I finally could spend some time today going through the code and testing your character sheet. The coding is nice and clean, and the sheet seems to work fine. Things that were a but fuzzy for me had to do with the game you're playing rather than the programming. I don't know the game.

    Your code is a good how-to introductory for people who can code Java Script, Java, C++ or maybe even Visual Basic. I used to code C++ (and even teach it), so I had no trouble reading it. Of course, anyone who knows nothing about program code would be better off going and getting a beer than in trying to read your script. That's life. So it goes.

    Good work.

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