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I stumbled onto ScreenMonkey earlier this weekend and was so enamored that I grabbed it after about 30 min playing with the "Lite" version. I've spent the weekend searching out the old forums and reading virtually all the topics over there to get up to speed. (And grabbing InspirationPadPro and CharacterViewer as well).

I read a one-off post in the old forums about the /ipad series of commands and was pretty psyched. However when I try it out, I don't actually get the table list. All I get is:

Bob requests list of available tables <-- Tried from Web Client (ie8)
TheGM requests list of available tables <-- Tried from GM Application

I never get the actual table list, but don't see any error messages. I've tried with with InspPadPro running and not running.

I've checked all the scripts and htm pages under the SM %APPDIR%\ directory but find no references to parsing the /ipad command. I"m guessing this is internal functionality?

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for a great App!



  • That was added, but after looking at whats going on inside the program, it looks like the feature uses the directory structure for IPad v1.0. IPad 2.0 uses a different directory structure. Which makes sense - that SM update pre-dates IPad 2.

    You should be able to ge around this, though, by creating a 'Tables' directory under the directory where IPad 2 is installed (ie, where the actual exe is installed). The old version of IPad kept all its generators in the '\Tables' directory, while the new version stores things in different directories. Copy the fully exported generators (ie, File - Export Table from the menu) that you want to use into that directory. They should then be available via SM's chat commands.
  • Hmmm, I was thinking a partial work would be to make a Symbolic Link called Tables under the Ipad2 directory and have it point to either the Generators\Encounters, Generators\Names or Generators\Treasure. Then /ipad would read from it. However, due to the interdependencies that's resulting in lots of (missing) references lol.

    Is there an API in there that would allow me to overwride the behavior of /ipad? I"m thinking of being able to pass a type (E, N or S) and appending to the search directory or just rerolling it in order to read the "Generators" tree directly.

    If not, the export all functionality will be the only way to go for now, although I can't select the entire tree.

    Will play around with this and let you know how it goes.

  • OK just did the Export of each tree, and it made 3 files:


    However using /ipad ? results in only showing those 3 names of for IPad options.
    Running /ipad Encounters appears to roll on the first table it encounters in there. Same for Names and Treasure.

    I ended up exporting each individual ipt file into .\Tables. That seems to have done the trick.

    Can I petition to get the directory support for ipad added for the next update of SM (or maybe in a QFE? <grin/>)

    Thanks again.

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