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Hi all,

General question: Does anyone here regularly import web pages into The Keep?

Specifically, HTML pages created via Fractal Mapper's Scenario Builder?

I've been playing around with FM's Scenario Builder, which is a great tool - you can pretty much attach notes to any object in a map, and the SB creates a nice page with images and hotspots and text descriptions. You can customise the page via CSS, so if you "authored" from within FM, you could create a well-formatted "module" in portable HTML.

There are some limitations when importing into The Keep, however: images don't show up, so you'd have to import them separately. Unfortunately, this means decoupling them from the nice layout that the Scenario Builder creates.

Is there a way to bring in the complete HTML page? Obviously the CSS is part of the page, so your formatting comes through. Anchor links also come through. But lack of images as part of the page makes it less than ideal.

Which brings me to a broader question (probably for Ed): Any thought to making HTML a format for The Keep entries? As opposed to RTF, for example? There are lot of WYSIWYG HTML editors - would that be easier to plug in as an authoring framework within The Keep? It would address some wishlist items (like creating anchor links within topics and providing word-wrapping around images).

Thoughts? I think this would be a great way to more tightly integrate FM, Astrosynthesis, and IPP into The Keep. Perhaps something to consider for The Keep v2.



  • The editor in The Keep isnt using RTF internally. Thats just one of the formats it exports to (along with HTML). Internally its using a structure similar to what most word processors use.

    To import a web page, you could try copy/pasting into a word processor, and then into The Keep. That seems to work, though obviously things like flash objects wont get brought in.

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