ScreenMonkey Lite Crash

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I managed to crash ScreenMonkey Lite (SML). Here is how I did it: (I've been a beta tester before and I always find these things. :-) )

1. Load up SML
2. Load up a really, really large map.
3. Load up some really large icons for characters.
4. Have one or two people get on and load in some really large icons also.

Note that everything runs smoothly up to this point.

5. Have everyone get out of SML.
6. Try to start up SML again.
7. I get "Out of memory" errors and SML then does not work correctly. What I mean by that is that no matter what you do, SML just gives the error and then does nothing else.

Notes: I have 2GB of ram with lots of memory available. Uninstalling and re-installing SML makes everything work again. Also, deleting the map doesn't do any good. Only re-installing SML works.

As they say of Beta Testers - it's almost impossible to make a program crash proof against idiots because idiots are so good at crashing them! :lol:


  • Ok - add the regular ScreenMonkey crashes also if you load in a really large map. ScreenMonkey should really dynamically allocate memory as needed. Most systems come with over 1GB in memory but even 512MB system probably have a lot more memory than the 2MB needed to load in a large map. Further, once mucked up - the only way to get ScreenMonkey back is to uninstall and re-install it.
  • You dont provide any information about the system this is occuring on or the about graphic in question. What is a 'large' image? Are we talking in pixel dimensions, or file size? What OS are you using? XP? Vista? Linux & Wine? Are you running in compatibility mode? as administrator?
    markem wrote:
    ScreenMonkey should really dynamically allocate memory as needed.

    All memory is dynamically allocated. Images (in memory bitmaps) depend to some extent on the video driver, video memory, and a few other factors.
  • Sorry - Windows XP Pro. 2GB memory on system. Admin mode. Standard laptop window (1024x768), File size > 2MB, Image size > 1024x768.

    I found out that if you go into ScreenMonkey and delete all of the maps which relate to the last time you ran ScreenMonkey (ie: lastsession.bmp, currentmap.png, currentmap.jpg) that ScreenMonkey comes back and starts working again.

    It's not so much that SM can't handle the large image as it goes into this cycle of loading up and making it so you have to use the Task Manager to kill SM because you can't get out of it. I'm uploading one of the large files so you can see what I mean.

    Ahhhhhhhh....... My Screen Monkey has updated to 1.0.5 (was 1.0.4). This problem doesn't occur now. :-) Thank you! :-)

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