Bought ScreenMonkey! :-)

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Hey! Just wanted to say I just finished purchasing SM - the full blown version. The extra features are well worth the money. If I wasn't unemployed I'd have also bought "The Keep" as well. I will not be buying Fractal Mapper ONLY because I already own Visio and love it to death.

I have a question though - A friend of mine (a very dear friend of mine) bought d20Pro for me. d20Pro is nice, but I like ScreenMonkey's ease of use, scripting factor, and that it just uses a browser to connect. Any idea how to tell them nicely that I just happen to like SM more than d20Pro without hurting their feelings? When I even mentioned SM to them it seemed as if they were offended that I didn't like d20Pro that much. But d20Pro has some real drawbacks. I've posted to them already on several problems which I hope they do fix - but I just like SM better. It is more flexible and I think, in the long run, it will turn out to be a better program for everyone playing in my games. Especially those macros (memory variable). Those things will come in really handy. Anyway, getting off topic here. Any ideas are welcome. :-)

Heh. I looked up in the upper right corner of the screen and saw the "F+" and thought "I'm not doing THAT bad am I?" ;)

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