Unmask that varmit!

I have noticed that Masks remain the same when you change maps. So like if I have a map cut up into sections for easier usage and I go from the edge of one map to the other - the mask stays the same. It would be nice if the Mask was saved along with the map file so that when you go back and forth you don't have to completely redo the mask (which can take a long time to do). Instead, it is loaded in after the map is loaded. The GM can always reset/clear the Mask if they are ref'ing more than one game. OR - they could just rename the mask file. If the file is not present - it is just created. If it is - it is loaded into memory.

Here is an example of a map (yeah, I know - it is from a VERY old game). I've annotated it with ideas and would like to swap in/out those other maps. But if I did so, then the mask would have to be redrawn each and every time.

BTW: This is the starter dungeon in my game. It allows people the chance to try out their characters, make changes as needed, and to enjoy wandering through it. Once they reach a certain level they should be able to get out of the dungeon and into the game itself.

Heh. I just noticed that this is an early version of what I've done to the map in Visio. It is quite a bit more elaborate now than in this picture. :-)
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  • Hah! I've discovered that Scenarios DO save the mask! (And monsters and stuff.) Clever! :-)

    Might I suggest that the Scenario stuff be expanded a bit so you can update the scenario by selection rather than having to type back in the entire name? :-)

    By the way - here is that same map from above only more fleshed out using Visio....
    Main.jpg 166.6K
  • More on the map. Since only one upload is available at a time per message.

    Here is one of the rooms blown up. One of the nice things about Visio is it's ability to zoom in (which Fractal Mapper has also). The items in the rooms are actually scaled down in Visio using the Alt-Mouse click-drag on one of the eight dots around the object. So when I am ready to use a given area all I have to do is to zoom in, take a snapshot, and lay it in as a map. Like so:

    As you can see, zoomed in, there are pieces of armor hanging from the walls. The knight is asleep in the bed. In this scenario, the floor tiles are used to actually play a game of Mines (which is found on any computer now-a-days). Just set the mine field to the highest level. When a character steps on a mine (in this case) they are teleported back to where the secret door is and they are dazed by being teleported. What everyone in the room sees is the character is grusomely dismembered into ash and the character screams loudly. Thus waking the knight as well as calling any wandering monsters in the area. When they leave (as they always seem to do), slamming the door because they are afraid the knight is going to attack them (which he will if they stay), that also alerts wandering monsters. Plus they find their friend unhurt but dazed. Which makes them want to come back into the room later to try again. This one room, alone, had grown men and women jumping up out of their chairs trying to figure out the mine field. Granted these were engineers and granted they REALLY like puzzles - still, I've not seen people so excited about something like this in a long while.
  • I'd love to play in your game, do you have room for 1 more player?

  • Sure! Unfortunately, right now I'm still trying to get everything into SM. I've managed to get two of the nine pages done, still working on enlarging the separate rooms. When done I plan on annoucing I'm ready to ref. Should be a couple more weeks. So check back then. :-)
  • ok, let me know if you need anything, I have about 400 Character / Monster icons for you to use if you like. 74x74. I'll be more than willing to assist you.

  • Ah! But if you helped me - then you would know all of the secrets of the maps! :-)

    I've got lots of images downloaded from lots of places. Also, I own Campaign Cartographer (although I only use Visio to do all of the maps as it is so easy to use). Done with the third map. I've finished a lot of the maps around the main entrance an may start ref'ing here in a few days. Working on another part of the map (associated areas). This is a rather large area that everyone goes into almost immediately. So it will take me a few days. I just finished the main Tavern area with shadows, lights, etc.... I'm not going to try to lay out all of the buildings as that would take me weeks to finish. Instead, I'm going to be doing a few select buildings.
  • ok, I'm anxious to play.
  • Your very good at Visio, did you create any of the stuff in it? Or is there a download for what you have?

  • It's a mixture. :-) Some, I do, some comes from Campaign Cartographer 3, City Designer 3, and Dungeon Designer 3, and the original map comes from a very old game.

    Here is the background for starting in my game:

    SPLAT! You land hard onto a table top. As you lay there for a moment you remember having been in jail, having pried up the grating in the floor used to relieve yourself into, of having worked your way into the area under the floor, having been covered with slime and other nasty stuff, having made your way through the under ground area until you came to a place where the floor slanted down. Gently you eased yourself down the slope but the stuff coating your body by this time betrayed you causing you to slip. Once started there was no way to stop. Downward you were propelled until at last, at a high rate of speed, you came to a ring of reddish glowing energy which stripped you of all clothing except a loin cloth (or other modest clothing if you are playing a female character) and your memory. All knowledge of who you were (except your name) is gone. Then came the opening above you and the table below you. A solid table it is. Hard oak, thickly slabbed, bolts and strips of metal hold it together. It doesn't give when you push against it to sit up and you can tell it would take several very strong men to even move it. The area you arrive in is dark with barely enough light to see by. That light is provided by two things: 1)The door to the north where thin streamers of light filter through cracks and a keyhole in the door, and 2)A pale blue shimmer which seems to encompass the area you are in. It is absolutely quiet where you are. No sounds. Nothing disturbs the area you are in. You are also unhurt. The fall from the ceiling was over twenty feet in length - but no damage has been done to you. There are four corridors which lead off from this area (which you can determine to be a raise platform-like area called a dais). From the corridor to your right (facing away from the door to the north) a pair of beedy red eyes look at you a moment, blink, and then disappear. You....

    Notes: So if you look at the map I uploaded here you can see the door to the north (a bit of light lights up the floor near it) and you can see the four corridors leading away from the raised area (dais). This is where you would be starting from. :-)
  • Sounds good, count me in! What type and level of a character do you want me to create?

  • Everyone always starts at first level. The reason for this dungeon is so that, when you get out of it, you are able to survive in the outside world. Warning! I have had people play in this dungeon for years without ever leaving it. They find it much more comfortable to be able to go to a safe place whenever they need to do so. The outside world does not have that kind of a place. You just have various levels of danger. Some, much less than others. (Like a room in a good tavern with the door locked, windows closed, etc...)

    I have thought about it for quite a while and I am going to go with D&D v3.5. In this way I can keep track of everyone and what spells they are using et al in PCGen. When we get together, everyone will use SM's dice rolling capabilities to roll their dice to create their characters. I like to use the roll 4d6 and take the top three numbers. So we will do that when we get together.
  • You should check out Hero Lab by Lone Wolf Development.... Handles EVERYTHING you can think of in the program.


  • I'm going to try starting at noon tomorrow (Saturday) for a couple of hours to see how well SM works. Password is test for this session. Hope to see you there. :-)

    (I'm also going to go look at the Hero stuff here in a few seconds.)
  • Ok, let me know when you have ScreenMonkey up and the URL to connect to it.

    I "may" be out this weekend, (today is my daughters 9th B-Day). But if I'm here, I'll try it out.

  • Starting up around noon. :-)
  • I may be here, send me an email when your ready, the weather is not too great here, kinda cold outside.
  • BTW, have you looked at Hero Lab yet? Comments....

    It' does 3.5 or 4E very well. But to be honest, I prefer 3.5.

  • edited October 2009
    Wow. My reply disappeared. I looked at the Hero stuff but since I'm unemployed and piss poor - I can't buy anything right now. In fact - I can't find my registration information either right now. :-( So I can't annouce. I'll send you an e-mail with the info. To top everything off, my disk defragment program has decided to kick into high gear and my entire system is slowed to a crawl. :-(


    Can't even get Thunderbird up and running. Been waiting 10 minutes. Just lucky I had FireFox up and running. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to post here.

    The site is http://99.3170.201:10015. Password is sim1.
  • run Defragmentation on your system. Should take care of the problem.

    And there is a tool on the ScreenMonkey site to get your code.

  • Do you use AIM or YahooIM?

    My nick for both are: MadCartographer

  • Neither - just plain old MSN. Finally found my registration numbers, rebooted the system, reset the disk defragmentor so it won't come up until 6:00pm, announced the game, and am now waiting. *whew!*

    Windows Explorer was at 1.2GB!!!!! Unknown why. But I closed all windows upon reboot and it is now back to 61MB. Much better. :-)
  • I cant get in the game, it does not find you. Is SM running?
  • Yes....it was up and running. Then it started having problems. Now the chat won't work.

    I'm going to completely uninstall it and re-install it. I think killing the defragger messed something up. It is dying on the xr.open command in Javascript. Brb.
  • I announced a game... you can test that to see if mine works.

    password is there.
  • Ok, Screen Monkey updated to version 1.5d. When I try to use the chat feature it dumps me into the debugger for Javascript (or JScript). Here is the function it is dying on:

    function getNewChat( that, bTimerOn)

    var xr = getXrequest();

    //add a timestamp to bust the cache. Otherwise the browser may just reuse the
    //last results from the same URL. Particularly if the request fails.
    var sUrl = "screenmonkey.cgi?action=63" + PlayerPass + "&ts=" + getTimeStamp();

    xr.open("GET", sUrl, true);
    if (xr.readyState==4)
    doChatUpdate( that, xr);
    if (bTimerOn == true)
    setTimeout("getNewChat( chatlog, true)", ChatFreq);
    xr.setRequestHeader ("content-type", "text/plain");
    sendXrequest( xr)


    It dies on the xr.open statement above. What I get in the locals dump is:

    sUrl "screenmonkey.cgi?action=63&player=TheGM&password=RkydP7&ts=1255200100375" String

    Where it is getting "TheGM" and that password I have no idea. The GM is me (Mark) and the password is "sim1".

    Let me go look at the registry and see if I can find anything. BRB.
  • Also your announcement is under the Lite and Trial Versions. Not the Purchased version.
  • markem wrote:
    Ok, Screen Monkey updated to version 1.5d.

    Get the 1.6g version from here:

  • markem wrote:
    Yes....it was up and running. Then it started having problems. Now the chat won't work.

    I'm going to completely uninstall it and re-install it. I think killing the defragger messed something up. It is dying on the xr.open command in Javascript. Brb.

    If I was you, I'd take the time and defrag it now. Then test it on 1.6g. Specially if you know your system is having defrag issues.
  • I downloaded the 1.6g version and it says "License File missing or corrupted" and then dies. Since it is an installer - shouldn't it just install and ask you for the license number again if it can't find the file? :-( (And today started out so well too....) :-/
  • Here is the dialog box I get:

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