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Is Screenmonkey still being sold?

I can't seem to find Screenmonkey for sale anywhere (not on the NBOS site, nor on RPGNow, e23, Paizo, etc). Have you guys discontinued the full version? Is the 1.8 "lite" version a free "full" version now with script support and everything? Or am I maybe not looking hard enough? :-)




  • Hi Luis,

    The commercial/paid version of ScreenMonkey was removed from sale. The new 1.8 'lite' version has all the features of the paid version, except for the scripting support (and a few other minor features that would have been removed from the full version anyways, like custom announcement urls).

    If you really need a version with scripting support, contact me via the tech support email address.

  • Actually I wanted to use it with the savage worlds scripts available from the downloads section, so I guess that means scripting is needed. On the other hand, I'm having trouble running Screenmonkey on my new Windows 8 machine, so maybe first I should troubleshoot that before worrying about scripting...



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