DataStore functions

Are there any other DataStore functions aside from Lookup and CombineDataStore? Such as a CopyDataStoreToArray or CopyArrayToDataStore or a way to iterate through the values of a DataStore?


  • No, those are the only ones right now. In addition to copying to an array and iterating, are there any others you are looking for?
  • As far as DataStore functions, there are a few that I thought might come in handy if I had the ability to... ImportDataStoreFromCSV, ExportDataStoreToCSV, CreateNewDataStore, DeleteDataStore, isDataStoreEmpty, doesDataStoreExist, EmptyDataStore, RemoveDataStoreRecord, AddRecordToDataStore, DataStoreFieldList, DataStoreRecordCount, RenameDataStore, ReadRecordFromDataStore.

    I guess some of these might be a little redundant. :)

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