Array support

Hi, I'm having some trouble implementing a fairly necessary feature in my system in an elegant manner, and I was hoping for some solutions.

My system has a number of selectable skills and abilities that exist in a library for players to choose from, and I have a few CSVs that contain the lists of these options.

As the User selects from Race, Class, etc. those options should automatically add some skills and abilities (like, say "Language: Elven") to the list.

My design has a table of around 20 text fields all numerically ordered from 0-19 as CharAbility0 etc.

I was originally thinking of just creating a new array, IE, var KnownAbilities=new Array(20), and a var AbilityTracker to record the number of skills and abilities, then an update function with a for loop to go through that number of CharAbilityX fields and populate them. Currently this implementation doesn't work, and I just thought I'd ask if arrays are supported, how, and if not, does anyone have suggestions for how to do this better?

Very grateful, thanks.


  • If I understand what you are trying to do correctly - what you might consider is a 'worksheet' page with the full list of skills/rankings. Then, during an update, use that list, along with any other skills based on stats/race/etc to create the list of skills on the printable page.

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