-If Change List-

Hello im having another problem this time with trying to change to different lists.

//ltc is the list that need to change
//num is the number which makes the switch happen
function ChangeList( num, ltc)
if(num.Value > 0)
ltc = List02.List;

i have two lists and List01 is the current list for "ltc" im trying to change "ltc" to List02 when "num" is greater then 0

Thanks for the help. ^_^


  • I found out want i must do first i have to have a lebel that is name something like "TempList" then i have a button next to the lebel that calls a function.

    i functuion that i made is something like this

    function ChangeList( listToChange, playerLvl)
    {//start of function

    if( playerLvl >= 2)
    {//start of if

    listToChange.List = List01.List;

    }//end of if

    }//end of function

    and what this does is when the player presses the button and the player is lvl 2 or higher the list in "TempList" changes to List01 (A list i made up in list manager)

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