SM Character Portrats


Can you setup SM so that the Char Portrates directory can have SUB-Directories? I play a few games and it's a bit difficult to have to manually move the icons I want into the main directory so that my players can see the correct Icons. If we can have sub directories, that will alow me to set up various folders named approporately and my players can manouver accordingly.


-lee smith


  • I'm thinking this would have to be done differently than how you are thinking it should be done. The problem, as I see it, is that on the GM's side of things - this would be easy to do, but on the player side of things - it would not be so easy. This is because of how Javascript works. It can't see your hard drive and thus can scan for sub-directories. It can be emulated in Javascript, but then - who would want some stranger being able to view their sub-directories and/or possibly moving up into other sensitive areas of your hard drive.

    What would be fairly easy for Ed to write would be to just allow GMs to to change what directory the icons are read from. Just like the map directories which can have sub-directories, the icon directories could have sub-directories as well. So for whatever game you are playing in - you can set up the icons for that game and only load those into SM for the players to choose from.

    Also, the above would allow, when a map is changed, for the GM to change icon directories and SM could update what files it looks at. (If you want to be a bit fancier that is. :-) )

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