A Spelljammer Project

Just wanted to introduce a project I'm working towards in hopes of generating some input/collaboration/support.

I'm looking to AS3 to generate randomized Cystal Sphere systems, FWE maps and custom fields (akin to GURPS) for use by the Neverwinter Nights 2 game engine/toolset. Apart from apparent(?) SQLite compatibility (via NWNX ), I thought AS3 might be able to generate/export 2DA files (akin to CSV Export), .bin files (or greyscale) + color maps for terrain building/model texturing, as well view images for custom GUI, and etc.

If you have any thoughts about the capabilities/possibilities of any of this, I'd be interested in hearing it. (I also subscribe to mailing list) The goal is to have, if not a persistent 'world', then the means for another modder to build their own.

At this moment, I'm curious about FWE- assigning a color group based on environmental params and getting maps exported in a streamlined fashion; as well the generation of custom fields/notes content.



  • Hey Boozehoundblue,

    Did anything ever come of this project??
  • Hey,

    Some on the NWN2 side, but it never relied on utilizing data from Astrosynthesis directly. I simply don't have the coding skills to create and/or manipulate the data in Astrosythesis to a format the NWN2 engine/toolset (or some of it's plugins) can use.

    It's been awhile, but I'm still interested in the project. If an Atsrosynthesis plugin could fill the db with pertinent info, one or more custom or existing NWN toolset plugins can build and populate each world off it, for instance writing custom formatted xml files for GUIs (which I've created before for "Realmspace Astrology") or using sections of surface maps to build terrain at landing locations through a plugin like "YATT".

    But the first obstacle, still, is figuring out everything that a dm might want to have created by an Astrosynthesis plugin.


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