Strange Password issue (not Router related)

I hit another issue that I can't seem to find an answer to by crawling the forum archives...

I read in the docs that you can limit logins to specific players by adding User Names and Passwords in the Preferences/User Names area. However, when I try to do this, I continually get the "Invalid User Name or Password" message. If I login with a name from the predefined list but with the session Password, they are allowed in normally. This occured on both 1.5 and 1.5d of the ScreenMonkey.exe executable. Additionally, this behavior is identical when going through the localhost address and the external IP.

I'm running 6001.vistasp1_gdr.x86fre.090302-1506.

Is this a known issue?

Thanks again for a real cool app!


  • I do recall a few other people reporting the problem, but I dont the actual cause has been hunted down yet.

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