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Hotkey Request


I love you software and I've been getting into the nuts and bolts trying to do some complicated things. Everything is working very well but there's one thing that's bugging me.

I copy and past things around to optimize the code.

ctrl+c works great to copy things.
ctrl+x exits the programs

Most of the time, I want to cut and paste. This is how I work in many other programs. I am so used to cut and paste that I don't even think about it. Except in this software. I have to stop, remember to copy first, then delete the text I am wanting to move before pasting in the new location.

When I get moving too fast, I forget and it dumps me out of the program. It's really a drag.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who experiences this problem. Most programs assign copy and paste functionality right next to each other. Please consider this request to reassign ctrl+x to the cut feature.

Thank you


  • Yes! Drives me crazy too, especially because I tend to jump back and forth between IPP and Notepad++ (which uses ctrl-x for cut). I end up doing almost everything in Notepad++ instead because I won't mess it up. This could be a configurable option if some people really need a hotkey to close the program (but I don't know why you would).

    While I am making wishes about the editor...

    The editor could use a word wrap toggle. Not wrapping makes the tables more clear, but can be a nuisance when you are editing very long lines.

    The editor could use some IDE type functionality to color-code functions and help for matching brackets and curly braces. Notepad++ is helpful here too, but it's less convenient because I have to close IPP and re-open it to reload the edited tables.

    Spell-check would be nice in the editor as well.

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