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Keep 2.0 Trial?

I am giving some thought to purchasing this program but I see no free trial for #2. Is there one available?

Thanks much.


  • I have taken the gamble on the Keep 2.0 without the trial. While it lacks the bells and whistles that DM aids like "RealmWorks" has, it is quick, responsive, and does exactly what it advertises. The cooperation with Inspiration Pad Pro, NBOS' exceptional random table generator (which they make available for free), is a great plus as well. On the topic of Realm Works, I find it ironic i learned of this program from there.

    Any criticism I have is not with the product but with the clear lack of interest the developer(s)/forum mod(s) has with their community. A quick look through here shows very little activity and replies, if any, slow in coming - like glacier-slow.

    If you need a good DM tool, I feel the Keep 2.0 fills that very well. If you need a good DM tool and developer-community support to accompany it... not so much. Overall, it's a little pricey (especially with the inactivity/lack of interest that is my perception) but very useful program.

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