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  • If you find it useful, let me know - I'm interested in seeing what might be possible for AS.
  • Later still: I found this while browsing. It might get you started on the extrasolar planet project, Ed.
  • Later: having checked the format, I can't work out what the spreadsheet columns are providing. The headings are all technical (I have no degree in astrophysics, sadly) and would need somebody who recognises the data. I shall persevere but don't hold…
  • The data I found above looks like the complete Gaia set. Each file listed contains 200,000 plus objects. I have the Keppner listings an AS user provided to me for the nearest 1,000 stars converted to the correct format for AS3. I'm going to look at …
  • I have partially answered my own question. I have found some CSV files here: but they are in a special zipped format. Once I unzipped them, I loaded them into MS Excel and they looked more or less a…
  • Nice to know, Mark. I'm sure I can find something to give you work
  • Hi Mark: Nice to hear from you. I've been away from map making for a few years and, at my age, the memory isn't what it was. By trial & error, I actually picked up on the method you outline and it seems to work. I've downloaded the Vintyri tuto…