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  • Not in one step. You can resize the map, but you may also need to re-scale all the objects. See the FM9 update I posted w/ screenshot of how that will be done in the next version.
  • Mark, FM9 will show the symbol name if you hover over it in the palette. Its supposed to be doing that in FM8, but it wasn't working. I'll see what I can do for fill patterns as well. But no, right now there isn't a way of identifying it.
  • In addition to the grid features, there's some other new functionality. The undo system has been completely redone. FM now features a full map undo, meaning any change to the map - including the map settings themselves - can be undone. And you ca…
  • Oh, for grid painting, you can paint with a fill pattern, not just a solid color. Great for wargaming and miniatures maps.
  • Who's up for grid mode? You'll be able to paint by grid in FM9. This includes square, hex, offset square, and dot grids. You can also convert maps to grids. Here's an example of an FWE map converted. Or you can just go old school with your…
  • Make sure Filters -> Hide Filtered Systems is set in the menu. That might be causing it to show systems set to not visible. I think the default may be to just hide the labels.
  • That is very cool, Levendor!
  • That is cool. Astro's engine might need an upgrade to be able to display them all though
    in Gaia Data Comment by Ed_NBOS April 27
  • Try using a standard Windows font, like Arial or Tahoma. The CS designer does not package any fonts, so your friends probably don't have it. Or, they can install that font.
  • Could they be missing a font? If you are using something that's not standard, your friends may not have it.
  • That's a very old post and doesn't apply to v2. The current version of The Keep has a revision system, so topics don't get deleted or overwritten. Rather, new revisions are created.
    in Really Upset Comment by Ed_NBOS April 13
  • You should be able to do that. There's a {$POPULATED} variable thats set to either 'Populated' or 'NotPopulated', depending on the system population. So you'd make two tables with those names. Then call [@{$POPULATED}] in the main table.
  • Thats good to hear. Yes, especially if you come from a coding background, the important thing to keep in mind with IPP is that its not code per-se, but a rather its a regular expression (regex) engine.
  • Set the background color with Map -> Map Setup from the menu, and make sure you don't have very tiny grids set up using Map -> Grids from the menu.
  • You'll probably want to post the actual generator as an attachment or use the code formatting here in the forum. The problem can be any number of things, but its difficult to tell from just a non-code formatted bit. For example, there shouldn't be…
  • Mark, I thought you'd like that When its ready, I'll let you have a go with it to try it out with some of your bigger maps. Levendor, that's a good idea... I'll take a look at doing that.
  • That does work, but should be unnecessary. You can use File -> Open to open AS2 files from within AS3. It will then convert them to AS3's format. (unless there's a problem with the file, then the XML trick is a good fallback)
  • Yes, you can do that. Look at the 3-page character sheet example. Specifically the first page - the 'worksheet'. The Classes section has drop downs that update the hit dice field next to it.
  • No, it doesn't calculate those. The best thing to do is put the station as a satellite of the planet, and then note it as being in L2. You can also configure the system display fields to show that.
  • Are you sure you are trying to open an .AstroDB file? You are welcome to send the file to the support address, and I can check it out.
  • I'm not entirely sure what you are asking. But multiple planetary systems aren't supported in the planet system display.
  • You can move it with the pointer tool. Select the pointer tool from the menu, then select the system on the map. Then drag it around. For more precision, you can hold down the x, y, or z key to restrict movement to that dimension. Alternatively,…
  • Hi, yes, you can. So long as the work is primarily your creative work, as opposed to a repackaging of our art for example, you can publish what you create. No additional license or attribution is required. Here's our full policy on it: Can I …
  • I use MalwareBytes as well, but haven't had any problems. But I'm also usually using Firefox, so it might be different than what's happening on Chrome. The NBOS forum is a pretty generic Vanilla forum - just a run of the mill PHP application. If …
  • No, FM doesn't support drawing tablets or read pen pressure. If the tablet operates like a mouse or touch pad, it may work like those devices (but won't support reading pen pressure).
  • Glad you like! Making the Skwyre server available so you can set up your own is indeed the plan.
  • It looks like it might be a missing font. Everything thats blocked out like that is in a fixed font. It shows ok here. What PDF viewer are you using?
  • No, no simple way to do that from within the program. You'll need a script. Save the below in the plugins directory as PopMultiplier.AstroScript and restart astro. Change MultFactor to whatever you need, though I think it needs to result in an …
  • For terrestrial planets, Gravity in G's is: Planet_Radius / Earth_Radius * Planet_Density Where Planet_Density is relative to Earth (Earth = 1.0)