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  • I use MalwareBytes as well, but haven't had any problems. But I'm also usually using Firefox, so it might be different than what's happening on Chrome. The NBOS forum is a pretty generic Vanilla forum - just a run of the mill PHP application. If …
  • No, FM doesn't support drawing tablets or read pen pressure. If the tablet operates like a mouse or touch pad, it may work like those devices (but won't support reading pen pressure).
  • Glad you like! Making the Skwyre server available so you can set up your own is indeed the plan.
  • It looks like it might be a missing font. Everything thats blocked out like that is in a fixed font. It shows ok here. What PDF viewer are you using?
  • No, no simple way to do that from within the program. You'll need a script. Save the below in the plugins directory as PopMultiplier.AstroScript and restart astro. Change MultFactor to whatever you need, though I think it needs to result in an …
  • For terrestrial planets, Gravity in G's is: Planet_Radius / Earth_Radius * Planet_Density Where Planet_Density is relative to Earth (Earth = 1.0)
  • Yes, you can grab a PDF here: Its basically the same content as the help file, but in a more printable form.
  • No, you can't trigger a prompt when a table is run. The prompts are collected before the generator is actually run.
  • Hi guys, mini rotation & resizing will be in the final release. Its partially in there now, but I'm still trying to work out the best way to handle that on touch screens. There will be integration with FM9. At the very least you'll be able to…
  • Yes, it used Reader specifically. To embed a viewer within The Keep, the hosted application (like Adobe Reader) needs to be specifically designed to allow it, and The Keep has to have the code on its end to interface with it. Adobe changed how Re…
  • Try without spaces in the Define: Define: location={prompt1}
  • No. About the only thing you could do is export it as an image file and load that into FM.
  • The easiest way to do it is to use the Fractal Polygon tool to draw the entire land mass as a single object. You don't have to get the shape perfect if you are trying to duplicate or trace over an existing map. You can get close, and then adjust …
  • The Keep uses an embedded IE as its viewer. Not the browser itself, but the rendering engine that's provided by the OS. There's no way to change that, I'm afraid.
  • Glad you got it going. I was just looking over the piece that launches FWE to answer your question because I knew at some point it was changed to specifically look for FWE 1.8 a lot of people have more than one version installed at a time (for ex, …
  • No, that can't be changed I'm afraid.
  • The 'table' size is an image that's 4000x4000 pixels, and uses a resolution of 10 pixels per foot. So the table represents an area that's 400x400 feet. Any image can be used - it doesn't have to be 4000x4000 pixels in size. You can use one that's…
  • Yes, I agree - better copy/paste support would make it more useful. There is paste support, but it uses Shift+Ins rather than Ctrl-V. So you can copy from another editor and Shif+Ins to paste that into the editor.
  • Its probably due to which part of the generator last touched it. Different parts of the generator may be inconsistently rounding the numbers.
  • Actually, its supposed to be doing that. The plugins dir should be under the local install if done in portable mode. I'll check that out.
  • Glad you like! Masking is something I haven't figured out how to approach quite yet. Its simple enough to put a layer over the graphic for that, but its tough to prevent little flashes of the underlying graphic as things load/render. So that one …
  • The mini's are just normal PNG files. So any square PNG file will work. Otherwise what you're asking about is just basic painting program usage. A good free one is called Gimp. Another one is called Paint.Net. You'd have to check out the docs f…
  • No, not from within the program. You can delete its directory, which will remove the plugin.
  • If you need to replace software, please send an email to the tech support address with the relevant info to help us find it (est date, store, email you used, etc).
  • What a great idea for a generator!
  • Btw, there's some very large data sets here: Also, when working on a big map, if you use subsectors, you can hide systems not assigned, making the map easier to work with.
  • You can create a sector map with a single star system at (0,0,0). Then you would import that into the bigger sector map, setting the new position (File -> Import -> Merge and Update Sectors from the menu). If you want to use something like t…
  • Congratulations on map #300, Mark! What a great atlas!