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  • Hey Ed and Mark, I have FM too. The font problem occurs with that program, also I just checked it. Same problem also occurs with the Keep too. I've been using the Keep for a few months and never noticed that as I was just using the default Ari…
  • Hey Ed, I renamed the sheets and delted any character I had made with the old ones. For the new sheets I actually remade them completely from the ground up to make sure no other problems got into them. They still are the same, just fixed some m…
  • I checked the drive and it is find. I did a complete install on my computer. I'm using Windows 7 32 bit version. I had been using the Keep for weeks with out any problems. I made some acreen shoots of the messed up text entries in the Keep. …
  • Thanks. It isn't the text enry fields that became messed up. It is the text entries in the Keep. They seem to be linked to the character sheet problem. Example I have a text entry in the Keep for a bibliography of sorces I'm using. That became …
  • Update on my last post. I got answers and fixes for a few things. 2.) I found out that edit text box problem can be fixed by using the area select tool and the pointer. The boxes have a bad habit of inverting, collapsing on top of each other,…