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  • Your welcome, I made a small update to script, returned value from ColorValue, see post
  • Here is two ways to do it with Scripts. First This variant uses entire field objects as argument to a function Add the following script to the Script page function ColorValue(fieldToColor,fieldWithValue) { try { if(fi…
  • I never tried using lookup inside JS but I suspect it does not work, as you have found out. Hidden fields would have been my solution as well
  • The lookup works well, see attached file(example using a Datastore Lab4.csv with your format).But the sorting is problematic, the dropdown is sorted as text, meaning that it will look weird for number running from negative to positive. PS Large fi…
  • You don´t need Javascript for this, you can use the formula directly in the Source property of a text field. However, you need to make sure that all the parenthesizes are in the right place for what you want it to calculate. Probably easiest t…
  • There are of course several ways to do this, but one way would be calling a script function from a button with the source like js:ApplyDamage() and in the script tab define the function something like this function ApplyDamage() { switch(lstBod…
  • One way to do it would be to put this in the resulting fields Source if( chkModify.Value==1, txtValue + 2, txtValue)
  • @RealityBlights :Thank you for finding this, it was driving me crazy! Really something that should be mentioned in the manual about limitations of field naming.
  • Thank you royb! Your snippet helped me writing a script function that can evaluate a dynamic formula. Example. Say you have DataStore with named Skills Skill,Attribute Sneak,Dexterity+Quickness Melee Weapons,Strength+Quickness Add field Dexter…
  • MarkOliva wrote: That's unimportant, however, because everything in the frame other than your object(s) is transparent. Except that snapping could be a bit troublesome - which is why I wanted to get a optimum frame. No matter, I know now how t…
  • I seems that if one instead of using the Create Symbol command and just save the entire fmp-file to the MapArt folder then the "active area" is displayed correctly.