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  • You don't need your vartest tables. In the Friend or Thing tables, add a silent variable assignment to every entry. For example, in the Friend table: A surviving priest eager to make converts[thefriend==the priest] An avidly curious archaeologist[…
  • I haven't played DragonQuest in years, but if there's interest, I have a pile of ipt files I could share. We used DQ 3rd edition for the most part. Examples include: * generating creatures based on their stats in the Monsters chapter, including wea…
  • WISHLIST: Let lookup tables look up 0 and negative numbers. Table: Example {n=-1} gets [#{n} Look]& \n{n=0} gets [#{n} Look]& \n{n=1} gets [#{n} Look]& \n{n=2} gets [#{n} Look]& \n{n=456} gets [#{n} Look] Table: Look Type:loo…
  • ISSUE: Parameters passed to a table don't preserve case. They're always converted to lower case. Take a look at the last example in the help for Table Parameters. It doesn't show the output, but the apparent intent is to list the names as written. U…
  • I've found no way around it within IPP, but if you have Excel, paste the table entries into Excel. You can use the text import wizard to break the lines apart at the colon. You can use the LEFT function to truncate the lookup strings to 10 character…
  • Ha, long time ago now, but after a few months I stopped checking for responses. In any case, the Proper filter (or Upper or Lower) helps only if I'm trying to force the capitalization in that manner. What I was looking for was a way to preserve the …