Fractal Mapper 9, Vintyri & Jörðgarð

With Ed Diana's postings suggesting that Fractal Mapper 9 is not far away, we've received some inquiries whether we will continue to offer our maps in FM8 format. The answer is yes, for the time to come.

Our mapping release plans pivot around our current product, the Trailsend segment of the Fallen Empire Trail adventure. The map series for Trailsend begins with No. 484, the Trailsend Region. All maps beginning with No. 484 will be available in both the FM8 and FM9 formats.

We've chosen to offer the maps in both versions because FM8 cannot read FM9 maps. (FM9 can, of course, read FM8 maps with no trouble.) However, it would be unfortunate if we would not offer our users with FM9 our maps in the enhanced graphical quality of FM9.

We've made no decision what we will do with future products, but it's likely they will be offered only in FM9 versions.

Mark Oliva
The Vintyri Project™

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