What sets keep apart from other apps?

Hey folks, I'm just trying to get some info on The Keep. I've been using open source hierarchical note software like Keepnote and CherryTree for my campaigns. I'm curious as to what features The Keep has that really sets it apart from some of the other options out there and what features other DMs have found the most useful.


  • well you can use pdfs, epub publication, IPP3 tables & charts, Astrosynthesis, and so much more. So you get the hierarchical note with the option to put other things with it. Like each encounter can be a full RTF of notes with attached pdfs, images, random tables that roll with a click (AWESOME for random encounters). The best part is once you make a chart it is forever made. So my current library of random charts is 6723 charts with many of the cross linked. Here is an example of my NPC chart.

    NPC on the street...
    Nielinrieth Lirlithhorse
    Race: Elf
    Sex: Male
    Profession: Cook
    Description: Nielinrieth Lirlithhorse is an unexceptional looking young man of small build. He is balding, with gray hair. He is very well dressed. He is walking idly down the street.

    Full NPC/PC

    Samurth/ James/ Cynthia Nash
    Female, Half-Orc (67"/166lbs/24yrs) - Cleric L1 , mace +1, potion of healing, potion of giant strength , S12 I9 W8 D8 C14 Ch16 Co9 , AL CE, apparent age (mature), appearance (dirty), sanity (normal), tendencies (trusting), personality (rude), disposition (haughty), intellect (dreaming), nature (vengeful), materialism (covetous), honesty (average), bravery (fearless (10)), morals (normal), piety (average), wealth (scant)
    high, hard, boots, throwing axe, 12 flight arrows of longbow length, cape, hooded, 5 pints of ale, 10' pole, small helm, bull's-eye lantern , dressing robe, hooded, familiar carrier (tiny sized)

    a pet cat
    AC 6, MV 15", HD ½, HP 1, ATT 2 Claws 1d2(1), THACO 16, AL N, INT Semi-, SZ T, S3 I2 W12 D15 C10 Ch7 Co12 PPD14 PP15 RSW16 Bw17 Sp17, Age 2, ML 8, Ht 9.6", Lt 18", Wt 7

    Light warhorse
    AC 7, MV 24", HD 2, HP 9, ATT Bite 1d3(3)/ 2 Hooves 1d4(4), In Lair -, THACO 16, SA -, SD -, MR -, AL N, INT Animal, SZ L, Psionic -, XP 20+2/hp, S16 I2 W3 D13 C15 Ch6 Co9 PPD14 PP15 RSW16 Bw17 Sp17 Age 1, ML 9, Ht 5', Lt 7', Wt 1047, bit, bridle and saddle, leather barding

    each result is a single click....i LOVE this setup.

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