Is there an APK for IPP?

I just recently got a new Amazon tablet and went through the process of installing the Google Play Store on it. I am now going through the process of installing all my RPG apps. I get to IPP and when I look for it, it's no longer listed in the playstore. I then check my phone and it is on there but when I go to the Playstore it's not listed. So I am assuming the app has not been updated for the newer Playstore or Android versions.
I then came here looking for an APK so I can manually install it but I could not find anything.

Will there be an updated version of IPP for the Android Playstore or is there an APK that I can use to manually install it on my tablet?


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    Google decided they won't allow programs that are too old in the store, even if they run fine on modern phones.

    Here's the apk:

    Note: I think this is the correct build but if you encounter any problems let me know.

    I did start on a new Android app earlier in the year but that got interrupted. Hopefully over the next month or two I'll be able to restart that project.

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