More Vintyri Externals (Update)

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The recently released Vintyri Symbol Set 2 contains a number of external objects that can be used with buildings. When SS2 is updated at some time in the future, it also will include a small river crane symbol and symbols for the smoke houses that used to stand near butcher shops and fish-packing operations. We'll offer this small update unofficially here right now to see how well this part of the forum works.

The two photos above are Copyright © 2008, Steigerwald EDV Verlag, all rights reserved. They may not be distrubuted. I'm including the photos because some list members probably have no idea what a river crane is. In these photos you can see two, small river cranes on the banks of Ludwig's Canal in front of a dock warehouse. These photos were taken in Little Venice in the Upper Franconian City of Bamberg in Northern Bavaria.

The symbols all are released free and open under the Open Game License 1.0a, which can be viewed at To get these additional symbols, simply click them with the right mouse key and use the "save as" option. I've tested it with both Firefox and Internet Explorer 8, and with both, I downloaded successfully.

If you already installed SS2 according to instructions, simply save these symbols In the folder...

x:\programs\nbos\Mapper8\MapArt\Vintyri Collections\External Objects

... and everything will work automatically.

However, if you save these symbols in a different folder, you need to add an XML file to that folder to set the correct FM8 resolution. To do that:

1. Open the Windows Notebook (Windows Editor in some non-English language versions.)

2. Write the following code for folders containing non-CSUAC and non-Vintyri symbols:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<pixel size='0.025' unit='Feet'/>

3. After you've copied or typed that in, save the file with the name default.xml.

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