[Update] AstroSynthesis 3.01d Update Available

A new (non-beta) update to AstroSynthesis, v3.01d, is available. You can grab it by selecting Help -> Check for Updates from Astro's main menu. Or, you can download and run this a stand alone updater here:


Changes in this update:

[fixed] Generate system contents and a few other menu options were not flagging a body as modified, resulting in the affected bodies not being saved.
[fixed] The 'move up'/'move down' items in the pop-up menu in the Sector Properties -> System Data Fields were mislabeled.
[fixed] Travel calculator was miscalculating interstellar distances along the Z axis.
[fixed] The Natural Language Search was not allowing US style decimal values on systems set to European number formatting (',' for decimals)
[fixed] Generator was not generating moons for Free Gas Giants.
[change] Migrated to new Auto-Updater system


  • Am I likely to get the same error message ("License File Missing or Incorrect") if I try to install this? I'm still trying to resolve the issue for version 3.01c.

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