VBScript and SM

I have finally gotten around to coding SM with VBScript. I've already made a small parser so I can send options to my program. Fought with VBScript to get subs and functions working properly, have written an "List Characters(lc)" option, a getPlayers subroutine, working on a getCharacters subroutine, and causing myself no end of grief. :-)

My questions are:

1. Is there a COMPLETE list of all methods, functions, etc.... that can be called in SM? There appears to be quite a bit that is not covered or explained or even shown when it comes to methods. A good, simple example would go a long way to explaining how to get some of these methods to work poperly. If nbos has the time to do this it would be greatly appreciated.

2. Is there a way to get SM to do the commands that you can do with the CHAT command (like "#add {1d4}")? How do you get SM to recognize and execute those commands? My reason for asking is I'd like to set up the buttons, macros, et al with a simple, single command. But everything I've read and tried seems to indicate that this can not be done. So if it can be - can you let me know how to go about doing that? What I want to do is to make it so players (and GMs) can just do something like "/load all" and it will load in all of the commands/macros/etc... that I would like everyone to have who is going to be playing in my game.

By being able to insert the macros I can quickly build up a list of commands that are automatically executed during a game. Like random encounters. The program could, on a timed basis, randomly roll to see if there is an encounter. If there is, I could then turn to The Keep and bring up an encounter for the players to play against.

Anyway - thanks ahead of time for any input.


  • markem,

    Have you done anything with the visual presentation of SM?

    Have you added any information boxes or initiative boxes?

    I am wanting to add more tools that will allow me to better keep track of things, but I have no skills at all when it comes to VB, JS, and barely any skills when it comes to HTML.

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