Sector Overview

I like the Sector report it is a great visual. But if I want a report of the whole sector (no filters) it becomes way to big and crashes my browser. the funny thing is I generally only use the top half of the report. Lets say I need a system that has an Asteroid belt and two gas giants with no Hospitable planets/moons for a game plot so I generate a report and look at the system icons see two or three that has a pleasing pattern for my plot device and search for their names in Astro to get more detail.

I would like a plug-in that generates only the top half of a sector report with no details just the pictorial representation of the systems maybe add columns for system population and star Classification

I could then "Sector Overview" all 3486 systems find my likely candidates for my plot device and give them the political affiliation "Closer Look" set filter to only show "Closer Look" and do a sector report on only visible systems. pick out the best system for my plot device and move it into the path of my players by trading its place with a system they have not yet explored on the campaign map

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