Deck Picks with random number

It's been a while since I've written any new generators so it's like starting from scratch. I'm trying to do Deck Picks for Ammunition Boxes. So I have a table of the different types of Ammunition called Ammunition and I want to do a table as follows
Table: AmmunitionBoxes
Set: roll={3d6}
35: You get {roll} [@Ammunition&;#93; 
25: You get [!2 {roll} Ammunition >> implode]
15: [|\a [@Ammunition&;#93;|{1d20+1} [@Ammunition&;#93;]

Now the problem I'm having is with 25: You get [!2 {roll} Ammunition >> implode] So on this I want it to select twice on the table with two different results but I want to have a random number in front of it to indicate how much of each Ammunition they find.

I'd like the result to look like You get 3 40mm grenade, 15 .308 rounds

If that isn't possible I suppose I could add the amount of ammunitions in the Ammunition table so grenades would only be like {1d6} but 5.56 mm would get {2d20}

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