Resizing Map Height and Width throws scale out of whack

Quick question,

When I re-size the height and witch of the map, the scale seems to get thrown out of whack. For example my walls don't conform to the grid width anymore (what was a width of 20' is now like 16').

Is there a way around this or do I have to re-size everything by moving the nodes?

Speaking of nodes, is there a better way to see and grab these things? It's a pain to grab sometimes or even see.



  • The only way I am unable to recreate this behavior (or something similar to it) is if I hit undo after changing the map size, in which case the objects on the map revert to their previous visible size (such that if you change the map size to half it's previous size in both directions, the objects will be twice their size in both directions relative to in map measurements (a 10'x10' object is now 20'x20'). As far as I can remember the only way to trigger this behavior is by undoing the map resize (it doesn't actually undo the map resize, just the resizing of objects, very useful if you actually do want to change the measurements of shapes) though it is of course possible to that it can be triggered other ways I have either forgotten or not stumbled across, if this sounds like what is happening to you, you may wish to immediately save your map after changing the map size and reloading it (mostly to clear the undo history and prevent it from changing the size of objects on your map). If that's not what yours is doing then I have no idea what is going on.

    And regarding easier ways to grab nodes, I don't know of any, the best advice I can offer is to use lots of layers, and make layers you're not working with unselectable, so at least while you're trying to grab nodes you don't accidentally grab (and possibly move) underlying objects.

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