Magic guilds, syllabus, temples

I've been converting my gename-style generators to IPP and thought I would share. These are not fancy or using any special techniques, but perhaps the material will be useful to others. I would love to see more random lists being shared!

The three here are:
Guilds of Magic: should be pretty obvious.
Magic Syllabus: titles of courses that might be taught at a university of magic.
Temples of Radiance: names of temples etc dedicated to light, good, and fire.


  • Here are some samples:

    Crystal Way Sanctum
    Basilica of Radiant Ablaze
    Temple of Refulgent Dawn
    Chantry of Radiant Path
    Western Tower Council
    Concilium of The Unending Effulgence
    Reliquary of The Burning Beacon

    Overview of Mana Reconstruction
    History of Runic Defenses
    Overview of Trans-Elemental Alchemy
    Symposium for Pseudo-Runic Augmentation
    Symposium for Dynamic Void Ritual
    Principles of Dynamic Storm Reconstruction
    Theoretical Counter-Spellcraft
    Theoretical Terminal Problem Solving
    Historical Pseudo-Sigils

    Emerald Elementals Vanguard
    Eternal Sky Guild
    Amethyst Chalice Convocation
    Mithril Talon Society
    Red Basilisk Vanguard
    Ancient Blizzard Brotherhood
  • Made some structural improvements to the magic guilds .ipt (use link in original post) as I get more familiar with IPP. Should generate less nonsense now.

    Circle of the Northern Sign
    Argent Lava Conclave
    Eastern Council
    Vanguard of the Diamond Mountain
    Great Lava Coterie
    Guild of the Amber Star

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