Moving IPP files location

Is it possible to move the IPP generator files to a different location? I would like to sync them with Dropbox. Maybe a setting file or registry entry that can be changed to point to a different location?


  • Not directly. But you can do a Portable install, and install it right into your Dropbox folders. That will put all the generators underneath the program's directory, rather than in the My Documents folder.
  • Good enough for me. I can make some shortcuts to put icons on the desktop and start menu with the portable install (which I'm guessing doesn't do that?). Thanks!

    BTW, the current help files don't seem to note where the generators are located at all. Obviously I found them, but it wouldn't hurt to have that in the Help somewhere.
  • Installed that way. I see it does create those shortcuts, but it also shows up in the list of installed programs and puts IPP in a folder under an nbos folder which contains uninstallation data. That was a little weird so I just copied the IPP folder out, uninstalled (which removed the uninstallation entry from the control panel and presumably registry as well as the shortcuts), and manually made some new shortcuts.

    One of the nice things about installing it in a Dropbox folder is now I don't need to install it on my other computer at all, the program file is already there, and working.
  • The android app version of IPP still can not open, run and edit ipt files stored on a network drive? I like to acces and use my files from many places and with different devices and hate to do tedious hard copies from pc to smartphone or similar. Anything I missed here?

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