DM Screen White Flash

Hi Ed and others,

I'm going on 3 years using Fractal Mapper for my campaigns, it's truly taken D&D to the next level for my players, with many of them looking to purchase Fractal Mapper and launch their own digital-projection based games.

However, when moving, editing, or changing anything on the map, the projected GM's Screen may flash white while it redraws, this can be really intrusive and surprising, especially in dark caves when suddenly the room is flooded with light, simply because I've deleted a rock or scrolled the map over.

Would it be possible to change the a setting so that when redrawing, the previous image remains on the screen, or even just to change the redrawing background to black?

Thanks in advance, I know I pop up here every so often, but it really is the best program for these types of campaigns.

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