Dynamic Astrosynthesis

Are there any plans to make Astrosynthesis dynamic?

In other words, to incorporate proper motion into the database and update the location of entities over time? I figure the best way would be to have an addition to a main context menu that would allow the user to enter either a date or a time delta and then AS would update the location of its entities accordingly.

I want to use this, not so much as a means to keep stars accurately placed - they move too slowly to have much meaning - but, I have entities in my Traveller campaign that incorporate weapons of massive power and other event-causing things that were in use by ancient races and are free-traveling in the galaxy. I'd like to place them at a certain location, give them X-Y-Z deltas for proper motion and see how they travel through the galaxy as my campaign progresses. Right now, I have to keep track of all of them by hand and update them manually, but it'd be nice to see if they'd come close to an inhabited system, for example, and when; that'd make a nice plot-hook.

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