Cant Scroll Down

Hi i downloaded NBOS CSD today and there is no scrollbar, i cant see all the page



  • I am aware of this, but have no idea what is causing the problem yet. You can use the mouse wheel to scroll down though.
  • The mouse wheel no longer works for me despite working just fine in other apps. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. No dice. :-/

  • I have a work around. If you still have 1.0 you can design on there then run on 2.0. 1.0 has the scroll bar.

  • Close the fields table and you will see the bar to move it on the right hand side.

  • This one has been driving me nuts. Sure the scroll wheel on the mouse works, but it's nice to find the actual scroll bar to be able to move the sheet to the position I need to edit. Thanks ColibF!

    As another note, would there be a way to add a zoom function to the designer so we could see our sheets at various zoom levels? That would help with creating/tweaking the layout. Thanks in advance!

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