Symbol Scale Question

When ever I zoom, the symbol scale remains the same. That is, it will remain small, not matter how much I zoom in. Is there a way to use the base size of the image file no matter what zoom?

Thank you.


  • Which symbols are you referring to?

    Some of the symbols - mainly the battlemap symbols, have a height and width in feet already assigned to them. They will place themselves on the map at a fixed size regardless of the zoom level if you have an appropriately sized map. That is, if you place a 1 ft across book symbol on a 4000x4000 mile map, you certainly wouldnt be able to see the book at that scope, so the program instead uses a default setting.

    For the other symbols - those in the 'standard fantasy' palette, there's no pre-assigned sizes to them. But, if you draw out their rectangle when you draw them, the program will use that size whenever you place that symbol, regardless of zoom level.
  • I have my own symbols I get from video games like Civilization 3, Age of Empires and 1503ad.

    Do I need to set the scale for each folder?
  • For your own images, you can still just drag out a rectangle when placing the symbols, and it will automatically size additional instances of that image at that size.

    Alternatively, you can add a symbol metadata file into the symbol directories for your new symbols. see: for information about how to do that. That will let you tell the program that, for example, building1.png is supposed to be 20 feet across.

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