How to make tiling fill patterns

I am trying to make maps for a miniatures game. I am savvy enough to know how to take digital pictures of the miniatures and use them as "pieces" on the map. I have also made photos of terrain pieces which do not have to move.

I want very much to make fill patterns of tree canopies, fields with various crops, and the dreaded martian "red weed" (as this is a game that involves HG Wells martian invasion.)

Placing items on a map is not a problem. filling areas is not a problem if I have the tight fill pattern.

I would like some instruction on how to create tiling fill patterns, or point me at tutorials. Once, I could find lots of them with an image search, now they all seem to be "for sale" and pretty pricey.


  • Tiled fill patterns can be pretty difficult to make because they have to wrap correctly. You might want to look around for Photoshop or Gimp tutorials on the subject.

  • Thanks. I use Gimp. Badly, but I use it.

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