Skwyre Preview Video

Here's a preview of the Skwyre Virtual Table Top:

Downloads should be available soon.


  • Well, I am left with more questions...

    You say "Upload" quite a bit in the video, is this backed by a service somewhere? I assume I am not opening ports to let players in.

    You also mentioned "if a player is in a client" or something along those lines. Is there a plan to have an in-browser experience for the players?

    Are there plans for this to integrate with other tools, like The Keep or Fractal Mapper if you have those installed?

    • The back end is hosted on our server(s). So you don't have to worry about opening and forwarding ports.
    • There's no plan for a web based client. There will be apps for Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS.
    • Yes indeed! There are plans to integrate the other programs directly with Skwyre. But first... the basics of the platform have to be given a good workout.
  • I have watched the youtube. It looks wonderful.

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    I have watched the video i admit you have a good basis for a VTT, However as a veteran VTT Gamemaster i find myself wondering is if you have looked at the products already in the ecosystem Roll20, d20pro, fantasy grounds,Battlegrounds and Maptool. What will skwyre offer that the current offerings do not?

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    Skwyre's focus will be on at-table gaming as much as online gaming. That isn't evident from the video because the purpose of the Preview Edition is to test out the general platform and server first. So while I'm calling it a Virtual Table Top at the moment, the end goal is really more like a gaming assistant (hence the name).

    One other aspect of Skwyre is that the plan is to follow something of a minecraft-like approach to the server, allowing users to install the Skwyre server on their own web server.

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