Not wishing to assume:

Over the years I have been involved with several rather arcane miniatures games where I have played by e-mail or on a forum with players from all over the US. The cobbled-together graphics made things hard, and die rolls were outrageously difficult.

To do this with Skwyre i would like to:
A draw my map in Fractal Mapper and import it
Take digital pictures of my miniatures and use them as game pieces
Make my move and then wait for my opponent. Play in real time would be better, but it is not always possible.

Can I import FWE maps?
Can I import other images?
Can I set the scale? If I am using a 4 foot by 6 foot map, I'd like to measure in inches, etc.

Will there be staggered square or hexagon grids?

This also looks like a way to play D&D or one of its children with people sitting around a table, each with their lap-top or tablet. No drinks spilled on the paper map, hooray!

If I get a copy, do all my fellow players need a copy?

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