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  • Installed on Android. No maps.
    Will install on Windows later today.

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    There shouldn't be any maps in the Set Background Map window. That's for maps you upload yourself. There should, though, be a couple of patterns in the background pattern window.

    btw, I'll be uploading FM templates for Skwyre maps to make it easier to make a map with FM for use in skwyre.

  • I will try to upload a map later today or tomorrow.
    I can move the icons, but not draw.
    I will watch the video again. These are all likely I dot ten T errors.

  • I uploaded a map made on FWE. I exported it as a .PNG and uploaded the png. While there's nothing special about the map, I was able to create and import my own map.
    I am now working on the minis.
    The learning curve is not too bad.

  • The more I work with this app, the more I like it.

    One thing to put in the "instructions" is how to size the maps and icons.

    Importing .png files is wicked easy.

  • Well, I have pushed this app pretty hard, tried all the features, uploaded my own content.

    So far I have not found any software issues with windows 10 or android.

    The only issue I have is being able to adjust the size of the map and icons.

    Is the size on the screen a function of the size of the image file?

  • Glad its working out for you! Right now the map sizes are fixed. I believe its 100 pixels per major grid line. That obviously will be configurable as features get added. In the mean time I'll work on getting some FM templates available for download so that you don't have to set up the map manually if thats what you are using.

    Have you tried it with multiple machines simultaneously?

  • I have had my tablet and desktop going at the same time. Its kinda spooky to move an object on one screen and see it move on two screens.

  • lol. I love to get skwyre running on all the screens in my office, and then stand back with it running on my phone, watching the minis move around :smile:

  • I am having some difficulty signing up in Skwyre, I keep getting this error:

    error connectiong to server

    Can you kindly tell me which rookie error I am making please?



  • All looks ok with the account sign up right now. I was just able to create a new account. Might have been a temporary connection issue.

  • Hi Ed,

    No joy I'm afraid. Even with a complete re-install :(

  • How/from where are you connecting? Can you reach that URL by typing it into a browser? If you type that into a browser, you should see:

    {"Success":0,"Msg":"Service Not Available"}

  • I have been getting an 8448 error when I try to invite Mr. Morbius. I have invited another player to the same campaign.

    Is the .au an issue?

  • Hi Ed,

    Here's the message I get at that address:

    {"Success":0,"Msg":"Service Not Available"}

    I am using the latest version of OSX on my computer, connecting from home, if that is of any assistance.

  • Ok, I'll check it out on Mac.

  • Thanks very much Ed!

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    I tried it out on my Mac and a signup & invite worked ok. I even tried with a .au email address on the remote chance that had something to do with it. How are you connecting to the internet? Do you have any proxies or firewalls that might be interferring? 8448 is not a standard web port (its purposely used since the the skwyre server listens on it, and a regular web server is on port 80), so its possible something is blocking it.

    You might temporarily disable any malware protection you have running to see if that is blocking the requests.

  • I will check with Craig. We are otherwise ready to go.

  • Hi Ed,

    I've tried disabling my firewall, but had no joy. I am very sorry to be such a pain.

  • Have you tried turning off anti-malware software? Some of them insert themselves as proxies. What kind of internet connection do you have? Cable, DSL, wireless, etc?

  • The Skwyre International battle has had to be changed, as Morbius has not been able to log on and has had to withdraw from the battle.
    I am looking for another player.

  • Having a problem: After moving tokens they just snap back to their original positions.

    There seems to be a lag in communication with the server. Have I put up too much?

  • I restarted the skwyre server - let me know if that did the trick. Seems ok now from here.

  • I have an opponent who had to remove SKWYRE due to security issues. This is recent and I will try to get some clarifications.

  • Hi Ed, the images are still not showing up in the Mini and Map selection, has this occurred with anyone else? it just shows up as a black box with the little white delete x... they show up when I add them, but no thumbnail for visual on what I'm adding.

  • No, haven't seen this problem. Which version of Skwyre is this - Windows, Android, Mac, Linux?

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