Color Selection problem

I get very strange colors for my objects, can anyone give me any help or tips on how to repair this?

When i create a landmass and select a color in the lower bar, an entire other color appears on the map. I select the inner and outer color but when i select orange the landmass turns blue..

I just installed the latest version on win7

Please help me :)


  • It sounds like your colors are coming up inverse. I'd suggest that you contact Ed Diana at
  • Thats interesting to say the least - I've never heard of anything like that. Does this occur on all the objects you try to color? ie, landmasses, lines, text, circles, etc? Bothe lines and fill colors? What color resolution are you running in?

    One thing to try is changing the display quality to 'draft' (Map - Display Quality - Draft from the menu). That will force most objects to draw in a slightly different manner. Alternatively, change it to 'highest' if draft doesnt change anything. FM has 2 separate rendering systems built in, and what I'm after is trying to determine if its something that effects both, or just one.
  • Hi there, Red turned white, Orange turned olive, Blue turned white, and Yellow turned blue Green turned blue as well (different shades).

    I did resolve the problem with a reinstall so now all my Landmasses, circles, ect are normal colors again...

    Thanks for you respons

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