Fractal Mapper templates for Skwyre

Until the maps in Skwyre are more configurable, here are two FM maps you can use as templates. There's two here, one is a 400 foot x 400 battlemap, and the other is 200 foot x 200 foot. Each have 10ft grids, which correspond to the 'major' grid lines in Skwyre's map page.

When exporting as an image, export the 400 foot map at 4000 pixels x 4000 pixels, and the 200 foot map at 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels.


  • If my arithmetic is right, this means if I want a 4x6 foot, or 48 inch by 72 inch map, and I want to measure in inches, I should have a 4800 by 7200 pixel map?
    This will be easy, because exporting from FWE is so easy.

    Pardon me while I gush a bit:

    With Astrosynthesis ed. al. I can build a Galaxy, populate it with planets, zoom into a doghouse, and, with Skwyre, play in the back yard.

    This is Fantastic.

  • Yep. Its basically 10 pixels per foot. So the major grids are 100 pixels.

    Obviously down the line it will support different grid types and sizes.

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