Notes so far.....

First off, WOW!.

I am both impressed and excited - this is what I wanted when I purchased screenmonkey and a variety of other packages.

I would like to know the largest graphic your system can handle - I wish to upload a full map of seattle circa 2050 for my shadowrun games. I don't know if your software can handle it, but, perhaps an automatic way to split a large graphic into smaller tiles for the system?

Next, a way to hide sections of a map - so that you can reveal areas as they become available? (referee/player view for maps)

Third, integration of the Character Sheet software so that we can have all the characters detailed inside the campaign.

Forth, integration of the Inspiration Pad Pro into the tool so that we can use the one interface for all of our gaming.

Fifth, Integration of the Keep software, again for the notes etc.

Finally, a way of customising the dice screen so that we can support various games such as Tunnels and Trolls, Shadowrun (various editions) Traveller and other such games.

of course, there is the desperate need for a place that I can start throwing money in your direction to pay for these features.....


  • I have installed the application on Windows 10 Professional 64bit, Kubuntu 16.04 LTS 64Bit and Android.

    It has worked flawlessly on all three platforms. I am now arranging to have a few other people install and test it with concurrent access.

    I am really liking it so far.

  • Dalton, glad to hear its working well for you!

    The Character Sheet integration is planned. In fact, its an intended core feature. When development started, the choice was between starting with the map or the character sheet. I figured the map would have wider appeal, and also help test the server side better.

  • Hi Ed,

    I would have other options than map and character sheets.

    During our prep testing in anticipation of this coming weekend, we encountered some simple 'gothchas'

    1. Chat was not working between different users on different clients in the same campaign. My primary monitor is a windows 10 box (large display screen) and the client was a different user who was logged in from an android client who tried to do a chat - but neither of us could see the others messages.
    2. A non-map, non-charsheet introduction page, such as a campaign introduction graphic that lists the players currently logged in would allow for the ref to have something up before and during the game that is a sort of static page that the players can not fiddle with (I had a background map up and a player started moving/altering it mid-game).
    3. A ref should be able to specify which pages/characters/maps the players can see on a per player basis.
    4. An embedded html viewer to hold outside links to reference sites such as online wiki's or online game map resources would be invaluable.
    5. Support for two of more devices/screens - for example, I may have my large windows monitor logged in as a player, for those who are player F2F to see, while I use my tablet, logged in as a ref and my phone, logged in for special die rolls of private chats. Others may want to have dual/triple screen support (I have a 60" 4K tv that I plan to use on Saturday)
    6. A ref resource of icons/images that are linked to a map so that a ref can define which icons/images they want to use in advance for each map vs trying to load/manage the icons at game time.
    7. Inspiration Pad Pro support built in.
    8. The keep built in.

    The concept being that we can setup whole adventures, in the keep and maintain the whole thing easily.

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