"00: Roll 1d3 times on this table, ignoring this result"

I'm trying to reproduce the result I used in the title sentence, which breaks down to a couple of questions:

1) Rolling a random number of times in a table

2) Can you call (for example) the "InterestingPlaces" table from within the "Interesting Places" table, or would I need to make an identical table named like "InterestingPlaces2"?



  • Looking at the documentation further, I guess I'm trying to do a deck pick with a random number of picks. Instead of 5 picks (as in the example), I want a random number. If I have

    [!2 InterestingPlaces2]

    I want to replace the 2 with 1d4 (or whatever random roll I want). However, this seems to produce a "(missing)" result. Is there a way to do the random number of picks? Or is there a workaround?

  • you should be able to do
    [!{1d4} InterestingPlaces2]

    Note that you need to leave a space after the embedded dice tag.
  • I figured out my main problem; I was using () instead of {}. D'oh!


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